Quotes and Source



"Now that [baby boomers are] in charge of the university, the rules have changed. As students, they were members of free-speech movements; now that they've earned tenure, they have become advocates of speech codes. Radicals when they were on the bottom, they've become censors when they're on top."

-- Daphne Patai in the January 31 Chronicle of Higher Education

"The plus is that I'm known by everybody. The minus is that I'm known by everybody."

-- trash talk show host Jerry Springer, commenting on a possible 2004 Senate run in Ohio, on CNN.com, January 23


Who says dead men don't tell tales? The diaries of Samuel Pepys -- one of the most famous primary sources for students of 17th-century England -- are being posted to pepysdiary.com in weblog format, one entry per day.