Banished from Baghdad


Nate Thayer, Slate's guy in Baghdad, tells his story of leaving the capital after getting kicked out. Noteworthy: after driving west less than 50 miles, he ran into Australian special forces:

Despite the fact that they surrounded us, making us get down on our hands and knees as they searched us, we were delighted to see them. Once the Australians determined we were friendly, they were happy to see us too—and interested in how little military presence we'd seen exiting Baghdad. Then they sent us on our way toward Jordan.

After that, he goes another 350 miles without running into any Iraqi military, until he gets to the Jordanian border.

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  1. While it does make for some fascinating reading, I have to admit that I was bothered by the fact that he just revealed that Aussie special forces are located somewhere 50 miles west of Baghdad.

  2. Oh, yes? As if the Iraqis haven’t already noticed them….

  3. That simply can’t be true. The Brit tabloids, especially the Guardian, happily inform us that the the coalition army is getting the unholy hell kicked out of itself outside Baghdad by the square jawed, clean moslem living and patriotic Iraqi forces. Hmmm. Cognitive dissonance ensues.

  4. omnibus bill – regarding the tabloids, you should remember that cognitive dissonance requires the presence of cognition…

  5. And you well know now that you are getting your asses kicked. You just cant admit to defeat.

  6. And you well know now that you are getting your asses kicked. You just cant admit to defeat.

  7. 1 year on and still no WMD’s…

  8. All it is that was helping the aussie SASR stay for longer was the ration packs. They r small enought that u can atleast 2 inside webbing atleast. & u can fit a hell of alot inside a pack.

    I know all this thanx to me being in the AAC (which is the Australian Army Cadets), which really is, the army for teenagers from 12 1/2-17. The reason i know about the ration packs is that is what we get each trip we go on.

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