Quotes and Sources



"It appears we are being transformed from an information society to an informant society."

— Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), commenting on President Bush's planned TIPS program, which would train 1 million workers to be domestic spies, on workingforchange.com, June 28

"When I start getting calls from mainstream reporters, the markets are near a bottom. I just got a call from an NPR reporter. We may be getting close…"

— Doug Henwood, editor of the Left Business Observer, on the LBO-Talk e-mail list, July 17


What should replace the World Trade Center? To help answer that question, New York officials convened 5,000 Americans last July in what was billed as the world's "largest town meeting."

But a much larger referendum on the issue was already taking place online, dating back to September 2001. Dozens of homegrown sites—for example, www. rememberwtc.org—weigh in on the discussion. One architect has offered drawings of two new towers that look suspiciously like twin Mormon temples. Reason's Ron Bailey's take on the reconstruction is here.