Will–and should–cyber-space remain a tax haven when the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which prohibits government at all levels from imposing "special or discriminatory taxes on the Net," expires in 2001? For the latest political developments on the issue, check out the Internet Tax Freedom Act Home Page. Maintained by the office of Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), one of the law's chief sponsors, the site tracks all sorts of Internet-tax-related goings-on, such as North Dakota's recent decision to approve a specific tax on Internet access.

January 1, 2000, is more than a date on the calendar: It's a state of mind. For commentary on and analysis of the mostly apocalyptic culture inspired by the coming millennium, point your Web browser (of course) to www.y2kculture.com. The site, maintained by Wired News Washington correspondent Declan McCullagh and the Cato Institute's director of information studies, Solveig Singleton, explores everything from "the psychology of Y2K" to "Y2K Haiku."