Sex, Lies, Jazz: Feb. Reason Preview w Matt Welch and Kennedy

Reason TV's Kennedy sits down with Matt Welch to find out what's in the new edition of the nation's only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets." The February 2013 issue is on newsstands now (go here to subscribe now for just $14.97 a year).

Welch's cover story, "The 'Truth' Hurts," takes aim at ideologically motivated “fact-checking” by supposedly objective journalists. In the “War on Sex Workers,” Melissa Gira Grant exposes an unholy alliance of feminists, cops, and conservatives hell-bent on stopping prostitution. "Show Me Your License, Daddy-O," by Chris Kjorness, recalls a time in New York City when jazz greats such as Charlie Parker and hip comics such as Lenny Bruce were barred from performing in Gotham's clubs.

A year's subscription to the print edition of Reason costs $14.97 (the discount grows with multi-year subscriptions). Subscribers get the mag weeks before any of the material shows up online.

About 3 minutes long. Produced by Todd Krainin. Camera by Krainin and Amanda Winkler.

Scroll below for downloadable versions and sign up at Reason TV's YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Is Mr. Welch suggesting early in the video that journalists acting as fact checkers are actually in the tank for Democrats in general and Obama in particular?

  • Scarecrow Repair||

    No, he's saying so.

  • An0nB0t||

    Kennedy's voice just shattered all my champagne flutes.

  • MacKlingon||

    droopy penis nose, score 8.2 out of 10

  • دردشة العراق||

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  • Danno||

    Chris Kjorness's jazz article is excellent. It is worth the yearly subscription price it is so well written. A page turner that article.

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