Reason Mag Preview w Matt Welch & Kennedy: APOCALYPSE 2013!

Reason TV's Kennedy sits down with Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch to find out what's in the newest issue of the nation's only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets."

The January 2013 edition of Reason has just hit newsstands and features articles about avoiding the fiscal cliff, Veronique de Rugy on how (and why) to cut defense spending, and Ronald Bailey on how your cellphone is spying on you. There's also a brand-new Peter Bagge cartoon essay about Detroit, Jesse Walker's survey of apocalypticism in American culture, and Jacob Sullum's latest dispatch from the marijuana wars.

The cover is an original drawing by the great hot-rod-punk-rock-artist Chris Cooper – a.k.a. Coop. Read more about him here.

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The magazine preview was produced by Joshua Swain and is about 3.30 minutes long.

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  • Wintermute||

    I would expect at least Reason not to let its language be controlled by its enemies in the egregious case of the "fiscal cliff." No one falls off a cliff and lives. To use such bloviage helps your enemies. Do not do it! Invent an alternate expression that goes viral as a meme.

  • R C Dean||

    Good point.

    What this is, is the "Debt Ceiling Deal."

    Trying to avoid it isn't "going off the fiscal cliff", its "breaking the Debt Ceiling Deal."

  • Spiny Norman||

    No one falls off a cliff and lives.

    They do in Isla Vista. The key is massive amounts of alcohol. That might be the best approach for the fiscal cliff, too.

  • Matt Welch||

    We have a winner!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Be that as it may, that cover art is totally. Bad. Ass.

  • Archduke Pantsfan||

    Who cares? The world ends in 17 days.

  • WWNGD?||

    Can't come soon enough... but it isn't suppose to end, things are suppose to change. Maybe they will announce Voyager 1 crossed into interstellar space on the 21st.

  • Spiny Norman||

    "Let the Grim Reaper be your guide as you plunge into the darkness."

    I'm going to have a bumpersticker made of that line.

  • WWNGD?||

    No you're not. You are not going to do that.

  • waaminn||

    Dude is talking a LOt of smack down.

  • Spiny Norman||

    I might make a bumpersticker of this one, too.

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