Rep. Thomas Massie on the ‘Ridiculous’ Prohibition of Raw Milk

On Tuesday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) went on The Independents to talk about his two "milk freedom" bills, and the bizarre fact that we live in a world where such bills are necessary:

His description of how raw milk was prohibited without congressional input was particularly interesting, and I have transcribed it below:

Un fact, Congress has never passed a law banning raw milk. What happened was in the '80s—and this should sound familiar—the FDA argued that it wasn't worth their time, or the energy, or the taxpayers' dollars to regulate this. Well, they were sued, and they lost the lawsuit, so they were basically forced by the courts to ban raw milk, the interstate transport of raw milk. So this is not a law that's ever been passed by Congress.

Reason on raw milk here, on Massie here. Baylen Linnekin wrote about the milk freedom bills in March. And Nick Gillespie interviewed Massie for Reason TV last year:

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  • Lady Bertrum||

    Thomas Massie, bless his heart, with his bright eyes and pink cheeks will eventually be eaten up an spit up by D.C.

  • ||

    spit up

    Milk joke?

  • Lady Bertrum||

    I'm not so clever. typo. and spit out

  • ||

    It's fine. Only I'll ever know.

  • Will4Freedom||

    So Liberals don't want you to drink unpasteurized milk, but support breast feeding? Just another Liberal double standard.

  • Scarecrow Repair||

    Heh heh .... you said "double" ...

  • rawmilkmike||

    Will, raw milk is a non-partisan issue but you do realize that breast-milk is unpasteurized don't you?

  • LiveFreeOrDiet||

    We should fix that by heating nursing mothers' breasts to 161°F for 15 seconds. For the children.

  • Ralph Fucetola JD||

    This is an important issue and teaches us about the nature of the Interstate Commerce Clause. Here is Dr. Ron Paul on that: -- Dr Paul inspired us to set up an Action Item to let people tell Congress we want raw milk freedom:


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