Brickbat: Silence Is Golden

For 10 years the Durham, North Carolina, police department has been paying criminal informants for their testimony without revealing those payments to defense attorneys or, apparently, to prosecutors. According to documents uncovered by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, some of the “bonuses” were apparently tied to convictions. But Assistant Chief of Police Jon Peter denies the department paid informants based on whether the person they testified against was convicted. He says the officer who filled out those expenditure reports simply used the wrong term and meant only that the case had been disposed of.

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    And where did the money come from to pay these 'informants'? Asset seizure?

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    Money saved from buying all those bike shorts instead of full uniforms.

  • Vampire||

    Who wears short shorts?

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  • Rich||

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    That's the worst Kylie Minogue impersonator i've ever seen

  • Rich||

    "Why does everyone think I'm *gay*? Why, why, WHY?!"

  • Ted S.||

    How much did they pay Crystal Mangum?

  • Rich||

    There is no written departmental policy on the bonuses, because every case is different, [Assistant Chief of Police Jon] Peter said.


    *** puts it in writing ***


  • Swiss Servator, mehr Sprüngli||

    Every single conviction involving this type of testimony will have to be vacated, most likely,per Brady v. Maryland. If the DA/State's Attorney had any balls and even a shred of decency, they would recall all the cases, move to vacate any convictions and dismiss.

  • John||

    Yes they will. But, first they will have to get the police to admit which cases they did this on. Then, the people who got fucked will have to go to court to get their cases reopened and their convictions vacated.

    What should happen is the governor should use his pardon power, or the state pardon and parole board if that is who has the power in North Carolina should on its own review all of these cases and vacate them. That is what the power is supposed to be used for. But, I am old school and think the power is supposed to be used to actually do justice and that the state should have a commitment to following the constitution such that it shouldn't take a judge to get them to do it. Needless to say, no one anywhere near power in this country agrees with me.

  • Radioactive||

    every one is innocent of everything...crime exists only in your fevered imagination


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