Torrance D.A.: Shooting at Truck Because You Think Driver Might Be Out to Kill You Makes Perfect Sense, Even if It's a Different Model Truck and Driver Hasn't Tried to Kill You

An annoying punctuation this week on last year's Southern California police reign of terror as they shot at random trucks, thinking that just maybe they contained someone (Christopher Dorner) accused of having killed people (and out to kill cops, the important part).

From the Daily Breeze: / / CC / / CC BY-NC-ND

A Torrance police officer made a “reasonable mistake” when he shot at a Redondo Beach surfer during the chaotic manhunt for rogue Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner last year and will not face criminal charges, the District Attorney’s Office said in a report released Tuesday.

Officer Brian McGee acted in “an atmosphere of fear and extreme anticipation” when he purposely rammed David Perdue’s pickup truck and fired at least three shots at him on Feb. 7, 2013, mistakenly believing Dorner was at the wheel. The bullets missed Perdue, who has filed a lawsuit against the city of Torrance.

“McGee’s belief that Dorner was driving the truck was reasonable,” prosecutors said in ruling the shooting was justified.

The reason McGee was so het up was because he had heard gunshots a bit before he and his partner came upon Purdue and rammed his vehicle and shot at him multiple times.

Those gunshots were more cops shooting at innocent people--Hispanic female paper deliverers, decidedly smaller than Dorner--in the belief they just might be Dorner.

Perdue, the report said, had just attempted to turn onto Towers Street from Flagler, but was stopped by two Torrance officers and told to turn around. As he headed toward Beryl Street, McGee and [his partner Erin] Sooper headed toward him just as the LAPD’s shots rang out.

Thus, the idiot and potentially fatal mistake by the first set of cops created the reasonableness for the next idiot and potentially fatal mistake. That's government for you.

Amusingly, this very long article doesn't even mention that Purdue was driving a different model (Honda vs. Nissan Titan) and, if I am seeing the accompanying picture correctly, different color truck than what Dorner was supposed to be driving (alternately described as grey or blue in early reports).

Purdue is also white, Dorner black. But it was early and dark, so every truck should be shot at, just to be safe. That's "cop reasonable."

Reason on Dorner.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Remember, Dorner was out to get law enforcement officials, which includes prosecutors.

  • Free Society||

    Is it illegal for me to consider it a shame he wasn't successful?

  • fish||

    Thus, the idiot and potentially fatal mistake by the first set of cops created the reasonableness for the next idiot and potentially fatal mistake. That's government for you.

    Idiots all the way down.......!

  • PD Scott||

    Funny, I bet if someone kicked in your door at 3 AM and you shot them in “an atmosphere of fear and extreme anticipation” and they turned out to be cops you would still end up charged. If you lived, that is.

  • Adam330||

    We don't have to bet. We know exactly what happens:

  • ||

    And there's this gem, from last month in Texas:

    Also for marijuana.

  • Andrew S.||

    Given the events of this week, I have completely given up on constructing a scenario which police would say results in an unjustified shooting by their own. I don't think that such a scenario exists.

  • Free Society||

    There's no shortage of justifiable shootings against their own however. Morally justifiable that is, never ever legally justifiable to defend yourself against state thugs.

  • Paul.||

    Using the Thomas verdict as our locus on police accountability, this story surprises us how?

  • jester||

    It's surprising in that Perdue isn't being charged under the Sedition Act of 1798 for disparaging the police.

  • Pro Libertate||

    It's getting to the point where I think I need powered body armor and robot security guards.

  • Hugh Akston||

    See now I'm thinking that the Robocop remake should have gone in a different direction: Robolawyer.

  • Paul.||

    Who cares if it worked or not?

  • The hand that whips the orphan||

    Oh cool, so next time I hear a loud bang and respond by unloading a dozen rounds into the nearest NYPD car I can just let them know I was in an environment of extreme fear and anticipation. I'm sure they'll understand.

  • The hand that whips the orphan||

    "The bullets missed Perdue"

    Rescue by government incompetence once again.

  • jester||

    The cops lacked the assault-type weapons that only mass murderers can get.

  • ||

    "Hey guys, let's create a position of authority and power where the holders of that position can do virtually anything and not get in trouble for it, up to and including murdering people. What could possibly go wrong?"

  • Paul.||

    Define "wrong"?

  • The hand that whips the orphan||

    "virtually anything and not get in trouble for it,"

    Most Progressives I think consider that a feature of government, not a bug.

  • Killaz||

    It's open season on the American citizen and it took more than just the progs being their douchebag selves to get us here.

  • jester||

    Surely there has to be a bag limit.

  • Outlaw||

    Just as Torrance Police Chief John Neu did after the shooting, the District Attorney’s Office report blamed the shooting on the “totality of circumstances,”


    Oh god, we are so fucked.

  • Paul.||

    ...and furtive movements.

  • Enough About Palin||

  • jester||

    Are you an ichthyologist that forgot where he was posting?

  • Enough About Palin||

    Study: Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops by Half When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town

    A study across the Texas Panhandle, using government statistics from 16 counties, found that the teen pregnancy rates among 13-17-year olds from 1994 through 2010 showed dramatic declines even as Planned Parenthood Federation of America facilities in the region shut down—dwindling from 19 family planning facilities to zero.

  • 110 Lean||

    This is Enough About Palin. Not that anyone would care, but I think I'd like to stop posting as EAP, which I've used since 2008 because Palin is also in Buttplug's handle and that kind of bugs me.

    That is all.

  • jester||

    Thanks. EAP also reminds me of the Employee Assistance Program at my workplace, which tries to get us off of meaningful assistance.

  • 110 Lean||

    I thought these were the P.M. Links. Doh!

  • croaker||

    This is why my care meter stays on the zero peg when one of these pigs gets capped.

  • Free Society||

    not nearly enough do to consider the relationship between cops and real people as equitable.

  • Reverend Draco||

    "But it was early and dark, so every truck should be shot at, just to be safe. That's "cop reasonable.""

    If it's early and dark, every cop should be shot at, just to be safe.

    If early and dark are reasonable enough for them, then it's reasonable enough for us, right?


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