What Do *You* Have to Hide? Highlights from Anti-NSA Rally


A week ago, a stunningly transpartisan group of protesters spoke out against surveillance of American citizens by the National Security Agency. Hundreds of people joined representatives from FreeedomWorks, the ACLU, the Electrionic Freedom Foundation, and other groups to say "Stop Watching Us."

Click above to watch Reason TV's video coverage of the event and go here for links, resources, and downloadable versions of the vid. Here's the original writeup:

On October 26, 2013, protesters from across the political spectrum gathered in Washington, D.C. to take part in the Stop Watching Us rally, a demonstration against the National Security Agency's domestic and international surveillance programs. 

Reason TV spoke with protesters - including 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and former Congressman Dennis Kucinich - to discuss the rally, why people should worry about the erosion of privacy, and President Barack Obama's role in the growth of the surveillance state.

CORRECTION: Laura Murphy, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, was incorrectly identified as Susan N. Herman, ACLU President.

Produced by Joshua Swain, interviews by Todd Krainin.

About 3 minutes long. 

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