Ted Cruz's "Extended Speech" Against Obamacare Still Going, Joined by Rand Paul and Others

Ted Cruz's "extended speech" against Obamacare is still going after starting yesterday afternoon around 2.30pm ET yesterday.

Watch it live now.

Since starting as a one-man show featuring solicited questions from a variety of senators, including fellow "Wacko Birds" Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio (who all participated in Paul's epic drone filibuster in March), and others including Jeff Sessions and Mike Enzi. Now others are joining in to speak at length. As of this writing, Sen. Rand Paul, an opthamalogist, is invoking Bastiat's "What is Seen and Unseen" in discussing health-care reform. "At is core, says Paul, Obamacare is about "freedom versus coercion." 

While Cruz's theatrical gesture isn't going to stop the Senate from voting on the House bill with its defunding provision stripped out, he's certainly covered a lot of ground, often in entertaining and informative fashion. From the Wash Post:

As he outlined his opposition to the health-care law, Cruz’s hours of oratory against the law touched a broad mix of subjects and sources, including lyrics from a song by country music star Toby Keith; excerpts from the book “Atlas Shrugged,” a favorite of libertarians; quotations from the popular reality television show “Duck Dynasty;” the unemployment rate among African American teenagers; how his father, Rafael Cruz, used to make green eggs and ham for breakfast; a recent acceptance speech by actor Ashton Kutcher at an awards show; and the restaurants Denny’s, Benihana and White Castle. 

Read more here.

And here's a livestream of the ongoing talk:

Live streaming video by Ustream

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  • sarcasmic||


  • Swiss Servator, Spare a Franc?||

    Have you been up all night watching?

  • Falkland Comments||

    I would have been if I did not have to go to work. But I am very glad to know he read into the record one of the great works of literature but the eminent philosopher Dr. Seuss.

    No, I am not being sarcastic there, Dr. Seuss - though he be a children's writer - was also a very profound writer. A great opponent of war (at least post WW2) and anti-authoritarian in many ways. A great man and great thinker.

  • sarcasmic||

    Hand hand finger thumb

    Dumb ditty dumb ditty dumb dumb dumb

  • Raven Nation||

    Did not realize Seuss was anti-war post-WWII. He was certainly an FDR cheerleader as early as the mid-1930s.

  • UnCivilServant||

    You forgot to cover your mouth, how rude!

  • Snark Plissken||

    Put a pinch of chew tobaccy in the corner of your eyes, that's what we did during those long missions in WWII.

  • Rich||

    Rand Paul challenges Obama to take Obamacare as his health insurance.

  • some guy||

    Silly Rich. Obamacare is Obama's gift to the peons. He and Congress don't need any such gifts, so they exempted themselves.

  • Rich||

    I think you've nailed it.

  • Falkland Comments||

    To be described as "Wacko Birds" by the Washington Establishment is a great honor.

    I do not know who originally wrote it but I love the quote "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

  • KalkiDas||

    I heard Rand quote Bastiat. Those halls need those words to echo through. I'd like to hear what Atlas quotes Ted recited.

  • some guy||

    The Seen and the Unseen should be read into the Congressional record at the start of every session. Hell, at the start of every day.

  • sasob||

    He could always read John Galt's speech. Or perhaps that's already been done by someone.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    I haven't been listening to Cruz et. al. during this speech but has he gone into alternatives to Obamacare above just going back to the old system? Anything regarding deregulating the health care market?

  • Rich||

    he's certainly covered a lot of ground, often in entertaining and informative fashion.

    One thing he should do is list in detail all the "waivers", "delayed implementations", etc. that are indisputable facts about how Democratcare is playing out. Let the American people know *specifically* how poor this legislation really is.

  • Aachor||

    Yesterday he went at great length on just this. Today he directly asked Dick Durbin (who never delivered an answer) about Congressional waivers.

  • db||

    I can't wait for Cruz's principled proposal to legalize meth now that he has firsthand knowledge of its beneficial effects.

  • VicRattlehead||

    Paul and Cruz 2016!!!!!!

  • sasob||

    You might just as well yell Individual Liberty and Freedom 2016. That's just about as likely.

  • amyebrinton||

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