UPDATED: Matthew Feeney Discusses Silk Road and Internet Freedom on HuffPost Live Tonight at 8:20pm 8pm ET

Shortly after 8:20pm ET At 8pm ET I will be on HuffPost Live to discuss Silk Road and Internet freedom with Laura Dimon of Policy Mic and Matthew Green, the developer of Zero Coin.

Watch live here

For more from Reason.com on Silk Road and the Internet click here and here

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Only if he picks a new accent.

  • Hyperion||

    All of your internet freedoms is belong to us.


  • Gladstone||

    Why don't Reason members go on Young Turks anymore? I love to use that as an excuse to make references to You Know What.

  • Gladstone||


    The term "Young Turks" has since come to signify any groups or individuals inside an organization who aggressively pursue liberal or progressive policies, or advocate for reform

    Like war, imperialism and genocide?

  • Hyperion||

    I don't know anything about these Young Turks. But there is a Brazilian Novela (soap opera) based in Istanbul, and it is fairly hedonistic. The name is Salve Jorge.

    Also, lots of milfs, not as many in most Brazilian novelas, but still....

    Also, the soundtrack for the show is awesome.

  • Gladstone||

    You know what else the Young Turks thought was awesome and who they liked to fuck?

  • Hyperion||


  • Gladstone||

    Nah that was Russia.

  • Ted S.||

  • Archduke Trousersenthusiast||

    Florence Nightingale?

  • Coeus||

    OT: The continuing saga of the social justice movement eating itself.

    And I bet they thought that they were so clever when they set up rules that allowed them to win arguments without facts.

    Shut up and listen indeed.

  • General Butt Naked||

    I don't even...

    What the fuck was that?

    I don't get it.

  • Coeus||

    Tim Wise is a noted speaker who talks about "white privilege". It has made him a lot of money. He's white, so that's bad. Then they hit him with this: shut up and listen.

  • General Butt Naked||

    When a member of a marginalized group tells a member of a privileged group that their efforts, no matter how well-meaning, are wrong, there is one reasonable response: Shut up and listen. You might learn something.

    Does this seem backwards according to the aggrieved community's thinking?

  • General Butt Naked||

    As in:

    victim: Privileged person, your efforts, though well meaning, are wrong

    white male: shut up and listen. You might learn something.

  • Coeus||

    No, he's talking to other white people (and men).

    These guys just never figured that it would be turned on them. After all, they're members of the enlightened tribe.

  • Ted S.||

    It's moral preening.

  • Calidissident||

    Not that I agree with everything the person who wrote that article said, but Tim Wise is a sanctimonious douchebag (even on the occasions he has a valid point) and the writer exposed some hypocrisies as well

  • Archduke Trousersenthusiast||

    Tinder is the number one app for people looking for casual sex without the pain of rejection. And there are a fair few celebrities on it

  • Archduke Trousersenthusiast||

    sadly, we get the spambots we deserve.


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