Brian Doherty Talks Rand Paul Filibuster on Real TV

In the midst of Rand Paul standing and filibustering yesterday, I sat down in a chair in front of my computer and talked about Rand Paul filibustering with the folks at Real TV. Here's what happened:


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    I'm not going to watch Doherty talk for 13 minutes. Maybe one of you suckers can let me know if he slams Paul for opposing Hagel, since Chuck was clearly a hill worth dying on.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    That's right, while a senator of all people was standing up for our freedoms, Brian Doherty was sitting comfortably at home let's face it probably in his boxer shorts talking, drone fire free, thanks to Mr. Paul, and not even the Paul he bothered writing about.

    I'm not watching the Real TV video because I made it all the way through the 90's without installing RealPlayer and I'm not about to break that streak now.

  • abella||

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