Covered at Reason 24/7: Lawsuit Alleges Chicago Police Terrorized Children in Wrong Door Raid

Last month Chicago named its first “public enemy number one” since Al Capone during the Prohibition Era. Even though Chicago named a Mexican drug lord this time, its political leaders are more interested in keeping drugs illegals and blaming guns than wondering how the drug war might fuel violence or contribute to an atmosphere of terror.

From Courthouse News:

Chicago police terrorized six children in the wrong apartment, demanding at gunpoint that an 11-month-old show his hands, and telling one child, "This is what happens when your grandma sells crack," the family claims in court.

Lead plaintiffs Charlene and Samuel Holly sued Chicago, police Officer Patrick Kinney and eight John Does in Federal Court, on their own behalves and for their children and children.

The six children were 11 months to 13 years old at the time. Plaintiffs Connie and Michelle Robinson are Charlene Holly's daughters.

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  • BlogimiDei||

    Pigs just plain suck!

  • LTC(ret) John||

    officer safety. look at the totality of the circumstances. new professionalism. procedures were followed. bigorati.


    /dunphy off

  • Night Elf Mohawk||

    troll-o-meter = .001

  • Professional Target||

    Too angry to comment.

  • Tim||

    "demanding at gunpoint that an 11-month-old show his hands,"

    What. The. Fuck.

  • LTC(ret) John||

    No. Hesitation.

    I beg sloopy not to go to PoliceOne and see their comments and bring them back here.

  • Tim||

    I argue with my seven year old all the time about turning off the TV. I see now my approach was all wrong.

  • NeonCat||

    You really need to start tasering the child or it will be uncontrollable at eight.

  • sloopyinca||

    I swear that I won't do that to you. But, I will post their comments about a spring breaker pissing on the cop's phone and lunch after being arrested for drunk in public.

  • Dweebston||

    Some indignant remarks about pepper spray and force-feeding him the officer’s piss-soaked lunch? I is disappoint.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Righteous justice.

  • Hyperion||

    These pigs should just be lined up against a wall somewhere and shot, execution style. End of story. There is no room in a sane civilization for trash like that.

  • sloopyinca||

    it is the POLITICIANS that should be blames for passing the laws police officers have to enforce. just the other day, i had to enter a house with children in it, and after i gave the children candy, their crack dealer mother actually thanked me.


  • Hyperion||

    I agree with you that the politicians are to blame, for pretty much everything outside the weather and plate tectonics.

    Also, I'm not against lining THEM up against a wall, and at least tar and feather, and send home without a pension.


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