Nick Gillespie on Late-Night Stossel Tonight! Or, Another Reason Besides Obama's Big Speech to Stay Up Late!

I'll be on a very special late-night episode of John Stossel's eponymous Fox Business show tonight. So will Reason correspondent Kennedy (on location in North Carolina), Hadley Heath of the Independent Women's Forum, and Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self-Governance.

We'll be discussing President Barack Obama's big speech closing out the Democratic National Convention.

The fun starts at 11.30pm ET, right after Obama takes his final curtain call of the night.

Here's Stossel's writeup of the show:

We heard Romney's side. Now it's time for the President to make his case.

Our special correspondent, Kennedy, is in Charlotte covering the Democratic convention.

Our returning panel--Reason TV's Nick GillespieMark Meckler of Citizens for Self-Governance, and Hadley Heath from the Independent Women's Forum--will watch Obama's speech and discuss what it means for those of us who love liberty.

And if you're watching the convention coverage this week, please leave your comments and questions on my Facebook page. I'll read a few on the air.

Read more here.

Watch me and the panel discuss last week's speech by Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention by going here.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Past Stoss's bed time. Good thing everyone will be energized by Obama's words.

  • Palin's Buttplug||

    How does one differentiate between Stossel and Geraldo Rivera?

  • ||

    The same way one differentiates between you and someone worth listening to; by the content of their speech.


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