Want to Start a Moving Company in Missouri? You’ll Need Permission from Your Competitors First

At the blog of the Pacific Legal Foundation, attorney Timothy Sandefur describes the legal challenge he’s currently spearheading against a blatant piece of economic protectionism in Missouri. As Sandefur explains,

it’s illegal to run a moving company without getting a state license, but when you apply for a license, the Department of Transportation notifies the existing companies and gives them the chance to object. When they object, you’re required to go through an expensive, time-consuming hearing process to determine whether there’s a “public need” for a new moving company. Yet there’s no law or regulation that defines “need,” so the entire procedure becomes a roadblock in the way of hardworking people...who only want an opportunity to run a business to support themselves and their families.

Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the success or failure of the moving business itself be the sole measure of whether or not there is a “public need” for that business?

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  • sarcasmic||

    This is how government creates jobs.

  • rather||

    onetime I drank a big bottle of grape juice and my tummy hurt and I burped but it was a hot fart instead.

  • ||

    The law is anti-job, so the effort against it is a smart move considering public pissedness about the lack of jobs. It's a soft target.

  • ||

    No one needs state approval for moving companies in Somalia.

  • ||


  • Kromulent Kristen||

    No one needs state approvals or ROADZ for moving companies in Somalia!

  • ||

    goddamn Somalis and their flying moving vans.


  • np||

    I would like to see a real "Somalia Roadz Corporashun LLC"

  • Xenocles||

    Nobody has anything to move in Somalia.

  • ||

    At least nothing that can't be handled by the Good Friend Moving Company.

  • The Mossy Spaniard||

    Or in ANTARCTICA!!!1!!!

  • Apatheist||

    Cheaper and more reliable than a moving company: renting a U-Haul and stopping by Home Depot.

  • Jose||

    Is Home Depot where you pick up the Mexicans? Just remember: hire one bean and you hire the whole burrito.

  • mr simple||

    Bah, this is why we have peasants, so they can do the heavy lifting. I might scuff my monocle.

  • Colonel_Angus||

    Or call your friend and ask him to help you move, then have nothing packed when he comes over.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    I moved my bro-in-law back down to SoCal from San Jose a month ago. For three weeks, I was texting him to remind him that I wanted all the shit packed, so we could just fly it onto the U-haul. I get to his apartment at 6AM to start loading out, and not a fucking thing was packed. I love the kid, but I was ready to kill him. One of my biggest peeves. Thanks for a crap memory, Colonel!

  • Raston Bot||

    you dump his shit into trash bags and toss them in the uhaul? that's a sure way to learn him proper etiquette.

  • Apatheist||

    My sister did that to me once. See if I ever help her move again.

  • ||

    This is why I never ask for help when moving; that way when my family and friends inevitably ask for my help I get to say, "Where the hell were you when I had to pack up all of my shit and load the U-haul by myself?"

  • Apatheist||

    Unfortunately little sister have an out for that (at least in my family). She isn't expected to help more than minimally with other people's moves anyways.

  • Doctor Whom||

    And your computer still running. I'm just speaking hypothetically; no one has ever done that to me.

  • ||

    what, like I'm supposed to buy an iPod to play music while we toss my shit in garbage bags?

    oops, I said too much...

  • Slut Bunwalla||

    A friend did this to me once. I did not help her move the next time.

  • Abdul||

    In my neighborhood, the illegal workers are conveniently located at U-haul.

    Hired them four times for moving and other tasks. I always end up paying them more than I agreed upon at the outset because I was so impressed with their work.

  • Apatheist||

    Hell yeah they work hard. I'll take them in this country over those lazy fucks in OWS any day of the week.

  • ||

    This story brings a rare non-cynical warmth to my cold, jaded heart. Who would have thought individuals engaging in mutually beneficial transactions without gov't involvement could actually, you know, work?

  • Barack Obama||

    There are those who say that the government should just get out of the way and let people create jobs themselves. It's a nice idea, but it just doesn't work!

  • adam||

    Shouldn't there at least be some government run website where these people can meet up. I mean, who's going to screen everyone first to make sure they aren't illegal/terrorist/ugly, make sure they pay taxes, etc?

  • Commie||

    Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the success or failure of the moving business itself be the sole measure of whether or not there is a “public need” for that business?

    And leave such things to the market? Why, are you some kind of free marketeer?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Let's go to the archives:

    JW|7.6.11 @ 10:30AM|#
    Without licensing, movers could dangerously place your davenport right next to your divan.

    SugarFree|7.6.11 @ 10:40AM|#
    That's exactly how my great-uncle died, you asshole.
  • ||

    And yet you continue to remind him of that terrible loss. You're such a heartless asshole.

  • Gojira||

    I bet he still eats that low-class crow shit, instead of the far more refined stuff we were discussing on the previous thread. Jerk.

  • ||

    I think he consumes a lot of horseshit, actually. Cheap as it comes. It's the crabapple of road apples.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Certainly here I do.

    So that thread didn't start with a spoof, as was claimed. I didn't read the whole thing so I don't know where all of you landed on the subject.

  • ||

    Basically, the final consensus was that tiger shit is really some of the best shit around, and that Jimbo is a buffoon and a bestiality enthusiast. So you should be able to identify with him, which should be nice for you.

  • Gojira||

    ...I really can't refute any of this.

  • Gojira||

    Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the success or failure of the moving business itself be the sole measure of whether or not there is a “public need” for that business?

    What are you, a retard? Only the gov't can determine if there is a need or not anywhere in society. Moving companies often cross state lines so it's part of REGULATING COMMERCE ZOMG!1! ITS IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  • annonymous commenter some guy||

    This was a state law, actually. It's totally constitutional. Stupid, but constitutional.

  • yonemoto||

    way to go, clarence thomas.

  • wareagle||

    god forbid the market decide if one more moving company is necessary. Seems like the govt has dropped all pretense about "caring" for people and goes out of its way to show contempt for those who fund it.

  • *||

    I first read the title as "Want to move a company to Missouri? You’ll Need Permission from Your Competitors First"

    So stupid it just might work!

  • can't resist||

    Permission should come easy, in that case. Y'know what they say, Missouri loves companies.

  • ||

    "Y'know what they say, Missouri loves companies."

    That's too damn clever to go unrecognized.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    's pretty funny, guy.

  • Abdul||

    In many places in Missouri, moving companies charge only mildly extortionate rates to return the things they mis-delivered and broke. Abdul's Moving co. will fill the niche for jaw-dropping extortionate rates.

  • Old Mexican||

    Want to Start a Moving Company in Missouri? You’ll Need Permission from Your Competitors First

    I'm going to call mine a "Furniture Rearrangement" company so I can bypass the requirement.

  • Apatheist||

    You'll need a interior design license for that.

  • robert||

    beat me to it

  • +||

    See "Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule," Atlas Shrugged.

  • robc||

    Lets play "find the parts of Atlas Shrugged that could never happen"...


    Okay, the motor that runs on static electricity is bullshit.

  • AlmightyJB||

    That's because they didn't use Don Kings hair to create the static.

  • Doctor Whom||

    Gotta love how the statists insist that Atlas Shrugged is horribly unrealistic, even as they act out parts of it.

  • +||

    Most of it came true years ago; unthinking, uncritical minds accept our mixed economy as a fact of nature, incontrovertable and wholly righteous.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    They should have called this legislation the SOFA Act so then the Missourah internet could go dark to protest it. Or I suppose a sit-in would be more appropriate.

  • Doctor Whom||

    Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the success or failure of the moving business itself be the sole measure of whether or not there is a “public need” for that business?

    That may look nice in practice, but how will it work out in theory?

  • Iason||

    When my wife and I moved from one part of our town to another (within Missouri), we hired "helpers" who specialized in moving. We just had to provide our own U-Haul and have everything packed. It saved us a lot of money over any moving company in the area. The moving cartel missed out on our business.

  • Zeb||

    Here's something odd. So I could use Wikipedia, I disabled javascript on my browser. I noticed that that also makes "reply to this" not work, which makes sense. But oddly, it also makes Episiarch show up as no name. Anyone have an explanation for that?

  • ||

    get noscript. it'll allow you to enable ONLY the scripts from reason.com, and thence enabling the reply-to button.

  • ||

    it also makes Episiarch show up as no name.


  • R||

    Didn't a similar law in Oregon get struck down?

  • ||

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  • NL_||

    This is a service so complicated and specialized that the typical friend or coworker will do it in exchange for beer and pizza.

    It's not like this process is to certify the Hazmat team responsible for restoring the burn ward of the local children's hospital. It's guys moving cardboard boxes and mattresses.

  • John Wood||

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