's Best Viral Videos of 2011: Remy, Peter Schiff, Two Girls and One Jobs Program & More

With 2012 just days away, is looking back at some of our favorite videos of the past year

Here is a five-video playlist of the best viral videos from 2011, including a debt ceiling rap, the criminalization of consensual sex, and some shocking reactions to Obama's $450 billion jobs program.

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  • RoboCain||

    Looks like you sugarfreed the video.

  • Sparky||

    Damn kids these days get all the hot teachers.

  • in loco parentis SEX=consent?||

    Weird shit, eh?

  • Sparky||

    Is your statement supposed to be some kind of rebuttal to my statement? If so, can you explain to me how my statement about teachers being hot is equivalent to your statement about consensual sex?

  • you got a purty mouth, sparkie||

  • Sparky||

    Hooray!!!! You know what, I'm going to say something that nobody else has ever said to you. I love you!

  • shamalamadingdong||

    Who wouldn't be hot for that teacher?

  • AlgerHiss||

    Just for your info, any video that uses "rap" bullshit as its delivery system, I immediately switch off.

    That vile crap is so ignorant and disgusting. Only a dull-witted puke would use it.

  • first||

    With her unique young innocent beauty, perfect shape and proportions Jula is one very special treat! Just turned 18 this student of architecture, is an absolute stunner with delicate features and hair like a lion’s mane.

    Jula has a great career in front of her and Petter Hegre tips her to be the girl most likely to be crowned Miss Ukraine some day in the future. With her kind and calm personality, Jula is a photographer’s dream – a girl with the looks, the body and the right attitude. With an enjoyment of all things aesthetically pleasing Jula’s primary interest is fashion.

    Beautiful in many ways Jula is a young girl who melts hearts wherever she goes.

  • asmodai||

    I for one welcome our new porno-bot overlords!

  • first||

    Good you shall be spared in the coming revolution and be sold into slavery instead.

  • ||

    Hell yeah, Jula is quite a babe. I used to wonder where did they find and apparently endless supply of incredibly beautiful nymphets willing to share and show all to the world. I guess Europe is the answer. What the hell is wrong with Amurka anyway? Oh, yeah, I just got back from Walmart, so I can answer my own question. Supersize me.

  • first||


  • first||

    Her name may mean goddess in Greek but it is German and American blood that Thea has running through her veins. And don’t be fooled by her fragile appearance - this 21-year-old powerhouse has will power and determination in spades!

    Described by Petter Hegre as ‘An iron will in a small body’ Thea takes her health seriously, and is what you may call something of a fitness fanatic. An Olympic champion in self-discipline - sports, green tea and red wine are her recipe for a healthy mind and body. She also follows a strictly no-carbohydrates diet to keep her figure lean and toned!

    Hegre met Thea during a dinner party in Cape Town and with her fine features and super-toned body immediately spotted her potential as a model. The rest, as they say is history…

    With her stunning looks, vibrant personality and her steely determination, Thea is certain to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to!

  • first||

    Meeting Mia for her first ever full frontal nude sessions proved to be a happy experience for both model and photographer.

    At the photo session in Paris, Mia proved herself to be perfect model material. Not only does this playful and sexy young woman have a superb body – with a particularly amazing ass - she also has the brains too.

    Mia recently moved to Budapest and is studying Public Management. She has plans to open her own model agency and experience in front of the camera is certain to help this ambitious girl on her way.

    Mia is gorgeous, polite and full of personality. She is the kind of girl you could easily fall in love with. She has the tiniest of appetites... but like many girls Mia just loves chocolate!

    With brains and beauty this girl is definitely headed for the top!


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