I Believe the Germans Have a Word for This

Incumbent food truck magnate in Austin develops totally-civic-minded-and-not-at-all-protectionist "health, safety and environmental concerns" over a massive increase in the number trucks that have sprung up to compete with him . . . 

 . . . demands city council pass stricter regulations of his own industry . . . 

 . . . now faces a bureaucratic nightmare as his own fleet of trucks can't pass the regulations he insisted were necessary to protect the public.

(Thanks to Adam Buxton for the tip.)

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  • Spoonman.||

    Well, fuck him, but it's sad it has to happen this way.

    One less category of business is now acceptable in Austin. Good job, government.

  • ||

    There's a German word for "I fucked myself in the ass"?

  • ||


  • ||

    "Tony" suffices.

  • Big Boys Don't Cry.||

    They just whine.

  • Ragin Cajun||

    I Believe the Germans Have a Word for This


  • Vines & Cattle||


  • .||

    The winner.

  • Fluffy||

    Yup, no way to top this one.

  • Old Mexican||

    Jeez, took me a while to understand what that meant...

  • Trey Garrison||


  • ||


  • Old Mexican||


  • cynical||


  • Brett L||

    "Ramsey said the experience has been contrary to Mayor Lee Leffingwell's direction to city staffers when the new mobile food vending requirements were approved.

    'He made it a point to say that we needed to make sure that we transition without affecting the bottom line and putting people out of business,' Ramsey said."


  • Old Mexican||

    [...]now faces a bureaucratic nightmare as his own fleet of trucks can't pass the regulations he insisted were necessary to protect the public.

    Wua, wua, wua, wuaaaaaaaaa!

  • ||


  • ||

    That good old Americanism "Shooting oneself in the foot" seems to apply best here.

    Wonder how you would say that in German?

  • ||

    The least you could do is link to the video.

  • anarch||


  • dave c||

    Schießen selbst in den Fuß

  • ||

    Ah, die alte Scheißenschuh...

  • ||

    Yeah, I misread your comment at first but I think it's funnier that way!

  • ||

    I was hoping for one of those wonderful German putawholesentenceinasingleword agglutinations, say:


  • Rhywun||

    Selbstfußschuß is sort of plausible, based on the "rules" they use to construct these things.

  • Gob Bluth||

    I've made a huge mistake.

  • ||

    Poopenpflugh . . .

  • ||

    Nelson Muntz is German. I think he's a white supremacist.

  • theist anarch||


    Godwin! Godwin!

    (God always wins.)

  • H man||


  • ||

    Missing alt-text. I recommend: "I SAID 'ha ha'."

  • ||

    "Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?"

  • Ska||

    "Not being a moron, I wouldn't know, however *mumble mumble mumble*."


    "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your moron."

  • robc||

    Die Bart Die.

    /No one who speaks german can be a bad man

  • Vermont Gun Owner||

    I took a shit in shot with Ms. Austin once.

    Too bad I can't remember more of that dinner than sitting between her and a cute Boston girl with my arms around both.

  • ||

    Wait- you mean they didn't honor his Firsties! call?

    The bastards.

  • Mango Punch||

    Halts maul und mit ihr umgehen

  • Mango Punch||

    My favorite german expression "Halts maul und soaf es". A toast that means "shut the F up and skull it".

    I tried to give the toast to a german girl I met at a club in nyc... she only heard the first part and I walked away with a stinging cheek.

  • ||

    That's why it's best to stick with something classy, like:

    "Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women!"

  • ||

    I prefer the simple "Nur ein Schwein trinkt allein."

  • ||

    My favorite toast is the French Cavalry toast:

    Par Saint Georges et le Bon Dieu
    A les belles dames et les beaux chevaux
    Et les hommes qui montez le deux!
    Vive le Cavalrie!

  • ||

    I don't suppose that translates into a dirty limerick...

  • ||

    For St. George and God almighty
    To beautiful women and handsome horses
    And men who mount them both
    Calvary forever!

  • Obama||

    Rot on Saint George
    Death to God,
    For the fairest of ladies
    ride horse with big sinking balls.

    (not really, but the real translation is gay)

  • Obama||


  • sevo||

    "I Believe the Germans Have a Word for This"

    In English it's:
    Stupid shit!

  • robc||

    Breaking off topic news: Mubarak stepped down.

  • ||

    The only German I remember is:

    Gehen Sie Gerahadaous, die erste strasse links.

  • Random Poster||

    The only German I know comes from Frank Zappa - Acts from Joe's Garage: "Stick it out".

    "Streck aus deinen heiften gelockten schwanz"


    "Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa, Sofa!"

    No, that doesn't further the discussion at all. But it is a good album. And it was an opportunity to use inappropriate language while being on-topic.

  • ||

    Ich saß auf einem Pickelhaube?

  • jdd||

    As someone who has helped the Gourmet trucks in Los Angeles beat back the man, I can say with authority that this is what this guy deserves.

    Just as in Goodfellas, you do not invite Paulie to become your business partner, you don't beg low-level, easily corruptible bureaucrats to come into the truck business if it is avoidable. Why not simply inspect your own trucks and/or create a private organization? Fool.

  • ||

    Grandfathering, how the fuck does it work?!

    Seriously, if you're gonna be a rent-seeking piece of shit, maybe, JUST MAYBE, do a little research on how not to fuck it up 1st. It'd still be less work than running a successful business.

  • ||

    "I Believe the Germans Have a Word for It"


  • Trey Garrison||

    "I Believe the Germans Have a Word for It"


    A situation chock full of schadenfreude goodness.

  • ||

    I always thought 'karma' was Sanskrit, not German.

  • cynical||

    What a political novice. Didn't anyone explain to him that when using regulations to put your competitors out of business, you always put in an exemption, waiver, or grandfather clause for yourself?

  • thomThomas Sabo bracelet||

    I get more and mare information and popularity from your articles,so that I can keep up with the steps of the society!

  • thomas sabo ||

    good idea!

  • Nipplemancer||

    the only German I know comes from this:

  • Withtyranny undscheisse 4All||

    Nobody spelled out



  • دردشه عراقية||



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