Wesley Snipes Fights On for All of Us

Days after being ordered to begin serving an extreme three-year prison term for failing to file tax returns, actor Wesley Snipes vows to continue fighting his 2008 misdemeanor conviction.

Snipes, a self-described possessor of gnostic wisdom and co-star of the prophetic libertarian epic Demolition Man (a synopsis of which you can read in futuristic English here), humbly calls himself an idealistic artist "unschooled in the science of law and finance." But he is a principled tax protester whose arguments against federal confiscation of private income are real if not always persuasive.

It's also worth remembering that Snipes was in fact acquitted on tax fraud charges. The lengthy prison term over minor convictions was handed out in an overt attempt to make an example of the movie star and terrify other conscientious income tax opponents.

Excessive penalties for demonstration purposes are by their nature despotic and in conflict with any notion of equal protection under the law. That should shock the conscience no matter what you think of tax protest as a concept or To Wong Foo as a movie.  Good luck to Snipes in his campaign for freedom and justice.

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  • Hobie Hanson||

    I don't remember you guys having as much sympathy for Tom Daschle and the other Obama appointees who found themselves jobless as punishment for their tax mistakes.

  • Jeffersonian||

    Tom Daschle, tax protestor?

  • Hobie, Hobie||

    Hobie, you fucking shit, they deserved no sympathy.

  • Besides....||

    Blade eliminates vampires, those "servants" ARE vampires.

  • Tim Cavanaugh||

    Since when is not getting a job on the public tit equivalent to being imprisoned for three years for misdemeanor convictions?

  • Jeffersonian||

    Flint-hearted libertarians just don't care about the less fortunate among us, like ex-Senators. You want to see him and his family starve, don't you?

  • Hobie Hanson||

    Like Wesley Snipes and his family are going to be eating cat food because of this?

    Your hatred for public servants is showing again. You blubber over the punishment of a superwealthy corporate employee, but don't care at all about the fate of a lifelong public servant who managed to save up some money along the way.

  • sedated||

    lol. Senators as public servants. that is some funny shit.

  • Apogee||

    Oh come on now. I'm sure he's just as upset over the Tom DeLay conviction - DeLay having such a wonderful record of public service.

    It has nothing to do with DeLay being a Republican.

  • sevo||

    Hobie Hanson|11.24.10 @ 8:15PM|#
    "Like Wesley Snipes and his family are going to be eating cat food because of this?"
    So would it be acceptable if they took him out back and, well, just shot him?
    You look so good in green; envy becomes you.

  • Jeffersonian||

    He's damn lucky they're letting him keep anything, eh?

    And fuck Tom Daschle, that plundering thief.

  • Expat to Be||

    Wow. I can't even fathom how this thought came out and you thought it made sense.
    Three years in federal prison is EXACTLY like a public "servant"--one who has voted for the actual tax policies he himself violates--losing his job for not following the tax procedures he himself endorsed. Exactly like it.

  • oncogenesis||

    Your hatred for public servants is showing again.

    Damn straight.

  • ||


  • Mr. FIFY||

    Whereas Hobie has no problem spitting hatred for rich people...

  • ||

    I studied Jive in college; I think I can field this one...

    I think it's supposed to depend on whether they're Democrats.

    See, if you don't care about Daschle, then that means you're not a Democrat. So, you don't care about Democrats...

    See, you care about Snipes. ...but you don't care about Daschle not getting a job--Daschle is a Democrat, so that proves it!

  • Hobie Hanson||

    Since when is making a mistake on your tax return equivalent to refusing to file a return at all?

  • Tim Geithner||

    It's okay to make a mistake on your tax return, if you're a high-ranking Cabinet member like me.

  • Warty||

    Don't be his porn, Tim. Nothing has ever come out of Dan T. in good faith.

  • SIV||

    Dan T. was entirely correct on the Boston Logan International Airport Play-Doh bomber.

  • ||

    They weren't principled tax protesters, HH. They were either idiots or greedy, lying tax evaders, who never claimed that the law was being improperly or unconstitutionally applied.

  • Hugh Akston||

    Besides which, the Snipes has contributed value to society, those other guys not so much.

  • Hobie Hanson||

    Since when is wanting to keep all your money a matter of principle? Snipes wasn't disregarding the tax laws because he wanted to feed starving children or protect battered women, he was doing it because he wanted to keep his money for himself.

  • Ted S.||

    What's wrong with wanting to keep the fruits of one's labor?

    The greedy people are the ones who have done nothing to earn it trying to steal the fruits of other people's labor.

  • Mr. FIFY||

    Ted... it's not your money. Just listen to liberals, they'll set you straight on that.


  • Evangel||

    Greedy and covetous too

  • ||

    And who are you to say that he shouldn't do that if that was his choice?

  • Hobie Hanson||

    I didn't say he shouldn't keep his money. The People did.

  • Apogee||

    No, The People said he was NOT guilty of Tax Fraud and conspiracy, but agreed that he didn't file paperwork.

    He was sentenced to three years for not filing paperwork, not for attempting to keep his money.

  • Cytotoxic||

    The People can fuck themselves.

  • ||

    "I didn't say he shouldn't keep his money."

    And yet the tone of your says different.

  • ||

    Your post.

    I couldn't find a preview button.

  • Xenocles||

    Did you look next to the "submit" button?

  • The People.||

    Name one.

  • Lucy||

    The People? Have all my of cheap shots about liberals turned into a life form capable of posting on Reason.com?

    God help us all.

  • ||

    I think wanting to keep the money you worked for and earned is, in fact, a matter of principle. I don't have a huge amount of sympathy for rich, lame brained movie stars, but the principle remains.

  • Joe R.||

    "Since when is wanting to keep all your money a matter of principle?"

    I'll take a stab at it...98,000 BCE?

  • Irresponsible Hater||

    That's debatable. I'm pretty sure the "get your paws off my stuff" principle is much, much older.

    Go to the crocodile exhibit at the local zoo and try to take away one's food.

    I'd say more like 600,000,000 BCE

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_evolution

  • ||

    uh how is it not

    go back to Siberia

  • ||

    Are his lawyers appealing the sentences?

    At least Nino Brown will get along pretty well in prison. He really is a Cash Money Brother, now.

  • Warty||

    Your blog is an unreadable tangle of garbage, rctl. What made you think anyone would want to read your esprit de l'escalier, anyway? Stupid whore.

  • Warty's my bitch||

    "Warty|7.20.10 @ 10:51AM|#
    Every single fucking thing about Ackerman is rage-inducing: his stupid glasses, his immaculately gelled hair, his perfectly-trimmed little facial scruff, his smug smirk, etc., etc. I don't see how he's survived for so long."...I get it now NTTIAWWT
    In your honor I posted My Thanksgiving

  • a penny a day keeps Obama away||

    Calm done - you'll give yourself a hernia.

  • Good Ol' Joe Biden||

    Paying Taxes is Patriotic. Wesley Snipes is a traitor.

  • Vampire Joe Biden||

    Watch out sucker, I'm gonna get you. Signed, Blade.

  • Simon Phoenix||

    Three years in cryo aint nothin

  • Blade||

    Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill.

  • Jeffersonian||

    And Wes ain't dissed Taylor Swift.

  • Stephen Smith||

    But honestly, if you didn't like To Wong Foo, there's probably something wrong with you to begin with, and I dunno if Reason should be pandering to you.



  • Meow||

    You're just figuring that out now? Do you think they type with one hand every time they channel Steve Smith?

  • Your a stupid turd||

    Always bet on black.

  • Diggity Do||

    "Excessive penalties for demonstration purposes are by their nature despotic"

    Oh, good grief. Snipes' sentence was based on the federal sentencing guidelines, based on the three guilty counts and the high amount of taxes he cheated on. Bottom line, he's a deadbeat who cheated and is now whining that he got caught.

  • Tim Gethner||


  • Charlie Rangel||

    Couldn't agree with you more, Diggity Do.


    You will be promoted to assistant candidate class 4 loyalty enforcement for Vermont.

  • sevo||

    Diggity Do|11.24.10 @ 8:35PM|#
    "Excessive penalties for demonstration purposes are by their nature despotic"
    Oh, good grief. Snipes' sentence was based on the federal sentencing guidelines,..."

    Two words for you, Ben:

  • Charlie Rangel||

    I hope they don't shake their finger at him and give him a fine.

    What? Prison?

    Oh, thank God. For a second there I thought we were talking about an elected official who had something to do with writing the Tax code.

  • Tim Gethner||

    Nawh, Chuck. This guy isn't connected like us.

    That's why I'm so happy they threw the book at him.

  • Worlds Least Interesting Man||

    We're all English now...everyone pisses and moans but only a very few actually take action. Wesley Snipes, a man of action. TSA pat-down protests...only a bunch of online pissers and moaners apparently....just like most who are anti tax...enjoy your fish n chips...and bad teeth.


    WESLEY JOINS Pete Hendrickson, Shirley Jackson, Irwin Schiff et al in Club Fed for UNDERSTANDING the law better than the judges who are sworn to protect our rights by being independent and just. Trouble is, they
    believe they have to pay these taxes, and can't stand anyone with more freedom than they have.


    The irony is that Daschle, Rangel et al
    are the ones required to pay income tax,which is an excise tax on public offices and other federal privilege. They get a slap on the old wrist, while the FREEMAN is put in a cage.

  • sevo||

    Hobie Hanson|11.24.10 @ 8:09PM|#
    "Since when is wanting to keep all your money a matter of principle?"
    Since about the time people figured out that there were thieves like you.
    A LONG, LONG time ago.

  • ||

    And as a thank you for the H&R regulars' donations to the Reason Foundation, the Reason website now shoves ads in even more places on the screen. I'm beginning to feel like Frito from Idiocracy with the screen mostly full of ads.

  • Pope Jimbo||

    Wait. Where is the presidential pardon?

    Are you telling me that a light skinned brother like Barak ain't gonna free a dark skinned brother like Wesley?

    There has to be something else to this. Did Wesley and Woody run the score up on Barak & Axlerod in a game of 2 on 2 at the White House?

  • Eric Holder||

    Snipes is not a New Black Panther, therefore he gets no leniency.

  • OUCH!||

  • Liberal Douchebag||


  • mobile||

    So translating something from English to Urdu and back to English counts as making it "futuristic English"?

  • Liberal Douchebag||


  • ||

    "an idealistic artist 'unschooled in the science of law and finance.'"

    Unfrozen future uber-felon Snipes sounds an awful lot like unfrozen caveman lawyer. Maybe the long time on ice causes characteristic changes in brain chemistry or structure...?

  • Juice||

    Supreme court precedent is on Snipes' side.

    Lower court precedent is not.

    How can this be?

  • fdgfd||

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  • ||

    Snipes is not a tax protester. He is a tax *denier*. He denies that the tax laws applies to him. He denies the rule of law by absolving himself of it. He is not a libertarian, he is a scofflaw. Yes, he was aquitted of *criminal* charges. Because it was determined that he genuinely believed this tripe. But he still owed the taxes.

    I have no problem with people protesting taxes. But I despise those that pretend that the 16th amendment doesn't exist, who think that the law does not apply to them, who would rather employ legal trickeries than to actually protest the income tax.

  • Observer||

    It's easier to take Cavanaugh's approach to life's little bitch-slaps. Complaining about stuff and not doing anything about it is better than not complaining at all. Or something.

  • CE||

    If everyone stopped paying taxes, would we miss the federal government?

  • sdfgdsg||

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