Now Playing at A Drug Raid Goes Viral: Radley Balko on the Missouri SWAT Raid Video

What happens when video of a routine police procedure is posted online? In the case of a Missouri SWAT raid, outrage, anger, and a viral sensation viewed over 1.2 million times.

Reason Magazine Senior Editor Radley Balko sat down with Nick Gillespie to discuss the raid, the video, and the fallout.

Approximately 10 minutes. Shot by Meredith Bragg and Dan Hayes. Edited by Bragg.

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  • johnl||

    Why is Radley the only one wearing a jacket?

  • kilroy||

    Why do they have the chairs so damn close together?

  • hmm||

    They do some really good video, then they do this where Nick is humping Balko's leg. Maybe they are still on the obscenity kick?

    The Jacket and Chrome Dome! (Balko needs a better name.)

    I'm telling you, there's a market for a Reason comic.

  • Jason||

    The Jacket and Chrome Dome! (Balko needs a better name.)

    How about just "The Dome"?

  • ||

    Damn it, reason! I can't watch the fricken interview because of the raid video spliced into it. GAH!

  • A is Awesome||

    It's the dogs' fault they got shot for being two of the worst breeds ever.

  • ||

    Police=Federal Bailout of the Donut Industry

  • John||

    A link in the article to the original video would be nice...

  • Brian Basham||

    This is just one more example of police/military abuse of power. Thousands of man-hours waisted planning and implementing this raid for no more than a small amount of pot. Dog killed, child traumatized, and man arrested in front of his child and neighbors. This is a terrible trend in this country. Any time police can wear masks during a raid (not in this case though) there is something terribly wrong with the system.

  • insanity||

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    keep doctor away!

  • Scarpe Nike||

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