The Great E-Gold Robbery

MoneyNetNews reports that the government's great e-gold robbery continues apace. They report that $11.3 million worth of e-gold has been liquidated into U.S. dollars and turned over to the government--without, they report, any official civil case being filed, which means the people robbed don't yet know why, nor have any legal recourse currently to defend themselves. (The story, written in a decidedly non-pro-journalism manner, does not quote any government source.)

Previous blogging on e-gold's legal troubles. E-gold's leader defends himself. A survey of companies still doing business, or not doing business anymore, in e-gold.

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  • Guy Montag||

    Is the Ron Paul connection supposed to be implied? :)

  • ||

    Guy beat me to it.

    man, that guy's everywhere lately.

  • ||

    Real gold is much better, and is pretty much untracable if you use the bullion coins.

    man, that guy's everywhere lately.

    Guy or Ron Paul?

  • ||


  • ||


    Or the other guy?

  • ||

    By which I don't mean Baily.

    Or the Other Matt.

    The other guy, I mean.

  • Jon Isaac||

    Ron Paul stars in the Fox Presidential Debates tonight. Please vote via your cell phone. To learn more:

  • ||

    Jeremy, I think they meant.

  • ||

    Who the fuck is Jeremy Bailey?

  • ||

    Or did you mean Jeremy Lot?

    That Guy's around a lot.

  • ||

    Okay, let's do that again! Only this time, let me be Abbott.

  • ||

    This has ron on too long. There are a lot of guys around here. Do you mean this guy or the other rone?

  • lunchstealer||

    Oh, I think I know what's going on. When they're talking about "Jeremy Bailey" they're getting confused between Joshua Malina's character on Sports Night, who was "Jeremy Goodwin" and his nearly identical character on The West Wing, who was called "Will Bailey" so they conflated the two as "Jeremy Bailey". That's what everyone's talking about here.

    So what does Joshua Malina have to do with e-gold, though?

    Damn, I'm still confused.

  • biologist||


    you have fulfilled Goodwin's Law by mentioning his name. this thread is ended by fiat (but not by fiat currency).

  • ||

    Real gold is much better, and is pretty much untracable if you use the bullion coins

    But how can you make soup out of coins? Man, you're the worst chef I've ever seen.


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