3 Big Stories At the DNC Convention

Reason's Matt Welch explains the three major stories to be on the lookout for during the DNC convention in Charlotte, North Carolina:

1. What record is Obama going to be running on? Not only has the economy continued to plummet, but he's failed to deliver on several key promises, such as closing Gitmo and winding down the wars.

2. Will the media expend the same energy vetting Obama and Biden's speeches as they did on Paul Ryan's?

3. What exactly do President Obama and Vice President Biden have in mind for their second terms?

About 2 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Paul Detrick. 

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  • CampingInYourPark||

    Is the "We Make It Possible" motto supposed to be an answer to "We Built It"?

  • ||

    Double down on retard.

  • CampingInYourPark||

    Why would you possibly want to remind voters of that statement?

  • ||

    They'll say it was about gay marriage.

  • John||

    I saw that last night. Isn't that just another way of saying "you didn't build that"?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    "But a whole series of issues that Democrats held dear back in 2008 when they tried to unseat George W. Bush..."


  • sarcasmic||

    You expect the media to "fact check" the Democrats?

    What kind of intolerant racist bigot are you?

  • Paleo-ConAvenger||

    What in the world were those CarolinaFest sponsors thinking?

  • John||

    Am I just cynical to think that the media has already written their stories and rehearsed their on air talking points about what an historic and breathtakingly brilliant speech Obama is going to give on Thursday?

  • Pro Libertate||

    Even if you're willing to toss everything out the airlock for "your guy", total sycophancy is counterproductive. It means that the candidate you're supporting doesn't have to do anything you want, and, of course, it leads to tyranny.

    The lion's share of the media is totally useless, particularly in regards to politics. You'd think that self-preservation alone would force them to be more critical, but apparently not.

  • John||

    I think they are terrified of losing their jobs. Their only hope is a federal bailout and becoming paid government hacks.

  • ||

    Total sychophancy isn't logical, it's retarded and partisan. Its entire point is to get people to sacrifice themselves for the TEAM if necessary. Don't expect the media to act in their self-interest, because partisanship means never having to say you're without integrity.

  • ||

    They're going to be shaking their heads wondering what happened when they eventually lose all of their viewership to the internet.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||


  • Pip||

    The greatest thing that could happen at the DNC would be for people in the audience doing the Atlanta Brave tomahawk chop.

  • Pip||

    Oops, when Elizabeth Warren steps on stage.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    Yes, that would be awesome.

    +1 internet to you, sir

  • John||

    I am totally stealing that.

  • ||

    Who's the new intern in the video?

  • ||

    1. More hope and state worship
    2. No
    3. Glorious system collapse

  • jacob the barbarian||

    3. Glorious system collapse
    when it goes to shit, there will be nothing glorious about the re-education camps.

  • ChrisO||

    I didn't get any reasons to watch the Democratic Clown Convention from that video, let alone three reasons.

    I already managed to avoid the Elephant convention (except the last minute or two of Romney's speech), and I fully intend to give the Donkey convention the same treatment. My condolences to Reason staffers who have to participate in this nonsense.

  • jacob the barbarian||

    Obama's record is that everything bad is, drum roll here ... Bushes fault. (Ta Da!) The bitch of it is that there is a grain of truth in this. Clueless George was kind of an Obama lite when it came to spending and devaluating the dollar. Obama's foreign policy is kind of a Bush lite except that he is ready to through our allies under the bus in order to make kissie face with the likes of Chaves and Putin. We still do not get the rights we liost with the patriot act.

    "Will the media expend the same ANY energy vetting Obama ...and Biden's speeches as they did on Paul Ryan's?" If you think they will, I got a bridge to sell you.

    What exactly do the fuck did President Obama and Vice President Biden have in mind for their second first term? If this is it, holy shit. I do not think I can take more in the 2nd term.

    My ass hurts enough already. This pair can give lessons to STEVE SMITH. Come to think of it, both teams make STEVE look like a dickless wonder.

  • jacob the barbarian||

    *throw* not *through*

  • Diomasach||

    1 – Bush’s record. Because it’s all his fault…
    2 – Hahahahahaha, woo, ho, you’re funny.
    3 – More golf, more spending, more blaming Bush.

  • XM||

    "Hi, I'm Nick Gillespie from Reason TV, reporting from Charlotte. I wanted to give you at least three reasons why the DNC won't be that great. Reason number one, Obama has consistently undershot........ (cell phone rings) hold on sec"

    A minute later

    "No! The three reason / question video is MY shtick! I don't (bleeping) care if it's Matt Welch! My audience expects ME to count down the three reasons for the things! Matt Welch said some nice things about the French healthcare a few years back!"

  • Silverlode||

    I can't watch Matt Welch. I scrolled down the page and just listened to the video.

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