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Bill O'Reilly is Not Happy About The Denver Post's New Marijuana Editor

Bill O’Reilly has managed to find a non-War on Christmas™ story to be outraged about this month:The Denver Post hiring a pot editor. And despite the protestations of Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham, O’Reilly was beyond outraged that such a prominent paper would promote public intoxication, though he was rather insistent that no one could make a fair comparison between a pot editor and someone reviewing alcohol.

O’Reilly said that no paper would ever, ever hire a “booze editor.” Williams pointed out the obvious: that wine critics exists. And there are plenty of newspapers that have wine critics. But O’Reilly shot back that unlike the pot editor, wine critics aren’t dealing with “an intoxication deal.”

Source: Mediaite. Read full article. (link)

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  • Killaz||

    Every other newspaper responds to Ol' Buthurt by getting a marijuana editor of their own.

  • Steve G||

    pot editor =/ pot critic. He may actually be covering the very newsworthy subplots surrounding the execution of the law...

  • pronomian||

    O'Reilly is a ultra right wing closed minded idiot. As if a pot editor will encourage more pot smoking. I saw this comedic episode and am surprised that no one brought up wine editors or food editors. O'Reilly must think, to be consistent, which he rarely is, that wine editors encourage winos, and food editors encourages obesity. He and people like him, both right and left, are too close minded to hear, or contemplate the possibility of a view other than theirs.

  • Agile Cyborg||

    Bill is intoxicating the right. He knows it and hates competition.