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Sen. Graham Calls For Independent Counsel to Investigate DOJ Tracking of Fox News Reporter

A top Senate Republican on Sunday called for a special or independent counsel to investigate the Justice Department tracking the phone calls and emails of a Fox News reporter, saying Attorney General Eric Holder was too involved in the process to be objective.

President Obama asked Holder last week to investigate the matter involving Fox reporter James Rosen, who in 2009 was reporting on North Korea’s efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Holder “signed off on the affidavit,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.”  “This would be a good time for a special counsel or independent counsel. ... This is clearly an overreach.”

Source: Fox News. Read full article. (link)

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  • Ted Levy||

    Senator Graham, Realizing His Next Gig May Well BE Fox News Analyst, Calls for Independent Counsel to Investigate DOJ Tracking of Fox News Reporter...

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  • BigT||

    You mean MSNBC and Holder won't uncover the truth?

  • Eric Bana||

    Finally. Graham did something that didn't make me want to kick his teeth in.