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Seattle University Webinar on the Presidential Immunity Decision

I was one of the participants, along with many other legal scholars.


Joe Ravi/Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA 3.0
(Joe Ravi/Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA 3.0)

A few days ago, the Seattle University School of Law held a webinar on Trump v. United States, the recent Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity. The video is now available, and I have included it in this post. I was one of the participants, along with many other legal scholars and commentators. The first panel included Professor Holly Brewer of the University of Maryland Department of History; Smita Ghosh, appellate counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center; Professor Darren Hutchinson of Emory University School of Law; Professor Lee Kovarsky of the University of Texas, Austin School of Law; Professor Justin Levitt of Los Angeles' Loyola Law School; and Professor Claire Wofford of the College of Charleston. The Speakers on the second panel were Professor Jeremiah Chin of Seattle U Law and the University of Washington School of Law; Professor Rachel Lopez of Temple University Beasley School of Law; Professor Jed Shugerman of Boston University School of Law; Professor Robert Tsai of Boston University Law; Professor Steve Vladeck of the Georgetown University Law Center;Andrew Wright of K&L Gates; and myself. My contribution happened to be the very last one on the second panel. It begins at about 2:37:20.

I analyzed and critiqued the Court's ruling in greater detail here.