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A Kerfuffle at the Columbia Law Review

Misbehaving editors intent on publishing ideologically driven claptrap provoke a controversy.


I have an op-ed in the Washington Free Beacon about an ongoing controversy involving the Columbia Law Review. It begins:

Law reviews are typically sleepy, student-edited journals that publish turgid scholarship. The articles may be read by specialists, and they are often read by no one beyond the author and editors. But Columbia University law school's law review has received a rare burst of public attention this week.

According to various media outlets, the law review's board of directors, composed of faculty and alumni, tried to censor an article critical of Israel. Except that's not what happened at all. The true story involves a faction of the law review secretly breaking all procedural rules and customs to publish a piece of ideologically driven claptrap.

I explain the relevant chain of events in detail at the Beacon link.