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Hiring Opportunities with NCLA and SLF


I am happy to pass along two hiring announcements.

First, the New Civil Liberties Alliance is looking to hire a constitutional litigaiton fellow:

Eligibility: Lawyers at private law firms with 1-2 years of litigation experience OR fresh from one or more judicial clerkships. Someone between judicial clerkships would also be eligible.

Bar: Must have passed a bar exam that makes you eligible for admission to the DC Bar.

Highly competitive selection nationwide: Clerkship strongly preferred. Prior litigation experience required.

Fellowship Awarded by May 1: Decisions may be made on a rolling basis.

Work Location: NCLA's Washington, DC office with travel as needed for litigation. NCLA's office location will move to Virginia before the end of the Fellowship.

Litigation Experience: Fellows will start as 'second chair' on three cases. They will be expected to co-lead one case and initiate one other case throughout the one-year term of the CLiF.

Court Appearances: Fellows will make court appearances.

Fellowship Duration: 12 months, non-renewable.

Case Continuation: Fellows may 'keep' a case and work on it for NCLA as a pro bono firm project.

Second, the Southeastern Legal Foundation is looking to hiring a Litigation Attorney:

What our Litigation Attorneys do: 

  • Report to the VP of Litigation, work with our litigation team and Executive Director to execute with excellence the organization's strategies
  • Serve as lead counsel for SLF and as co-counsel with partner organizations in select cases under the guidance of the Director of Litigation and organizational leadership
  • Identify and represent pro-bono clients in court and through other legal processes
  • Identify creative legal strategies to help advance SLF's litigation priorities
  • Represent SLF publicly in various fora, including with allied organizations and the public
  • Support the work of other attorneys on the litigation team as needed
  • Support branding, communications, and marketing of the organization
  • Support key functions and organizational growth (development, communications, outreach, litigation)
  • Coordinate operations and strategies with like-minded organizations
  • Jump in, as the rest of the team does, when something needs doing!

What we're looking for: 

  • 2+ years of litigation experience preferred (Senior Attorneys 7+ years encouraged to apply also)
  • Demonstrated interest in the public interest approach to legal practice
  • Knowledge of the law in the areas of SLF's focus, with relevant policy knowledge being a plus
  • Willingness to take on issue areas or unpopular causes
  • Dedication to serving clients with the highest ethical standards
  • Commitment to the SLF mission
  • Ability to work difficult collaboratively but also manage responsibilities independently
  • Demonstrated ability to draft detailed memoranda on complicated issue of unsettled law
  • Experience in complex discovery
  • Strong verbal and interpersonal skills, media experience preferred
  • Admitted to one or more state bars
  • A sense of humor
  • Ability to travel occasionally
  • Judicial clerkship experience is a plus, but not required

I'm always happy to pass along other hiring opportunities.