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Apply for the James Wilson Fellowship and the TFAS Summer Law Fellowship

These are important opportunities for law students.


I am pleased to pass along opportunities for summer fellowships.

First, the James Wilson Fellowship will meet this summer in the Washington, D.C. area.

In partnership with First Liberty's CRCD, JWI Co-Directors, Profs. Hadley Arkes and Gerry Bradley, joined by other distinguished scholars, will offer an in-person seminar over seven days in the Washington, D.C. area, on Natural Law and its bearing on our jurisprudence. The course will focus on discussing the central points of a jurisprudence of Natural Law, such as the classic connection between the "logic of morals" and the "logic of law," the properties of moral truths and the principles of judgment, and how we would see certain landmark cases differently if they were viewed through the lens of Natural Law. Our main objective is to restore a moral coherence to our jurisprudence.

Fellowship topics fall into two categories: the first half of the week focusing on the foundational principles of Natural Law jurisprudential reasoning, and the second half centering on the practical applications of that reasoning to issues arising in our constitutional order.

Second, The Fund for American Studies Summer Law Fellowship, also in Washington, D.C.

The TFAS Summer Law Fellowship in Washington, D.C., is an intensive nine-week program that aims to prepare law students to defend the values and ideals of a free society rooted in individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and constitutional originalism.

Through this immersive academic and professional experience, participants will engage in legal internships, academic coursework, networking events and career development sessions, as well as a law and public policy lecture series with leading constitutional scholars, judges and practicing attorneys.

Those selected to participate in the Fellowship program will receive a full scholarship covering tuition, housing and program fees. Awards are highly selective – only 25 students are selected to participate each year.

Apply today!