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"Strangers on the Internet" Podcast Episode 46: Dating While Sober

Substance abuse specialist Felicia Hermle guides the path for a good life after addiction


The forty-sixth episode (Apple Podcasts link here and Spotify link here) of "Strangers on the Internet" with co-host and psychologist Michelle Lange features California-based social worker and addiction specialist Felicia Hermle.

Historically, dating has been deeply entwined with going out for a drink. But what happens if one of the two dating parties has opted for a life of sobriety? And what are the pros and cons of replacing substance use with romance, or what is the effect of infatuation on the brain?

We discuss with Felicia how to handle recovery from substance use in the dating context, and how partners can show their support. Felicia talks science, introspection, and empathy on this important episode. For more of her insights, her podcast "Sobriety Checkpoint" is available here.

Michelle Lange
(Michelle Lange)