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Upcoming Symposium Opportunity on "Rethinking Penn Central"

The Pacific Legal Foundation is sponsoring a symposium on this important issue, which may be of interest to legal scholars and others.


The Pacific Legal Foundation is sponsoring a symposium entitled "Rethinking Penn Central," which may be of interest to legal scholars and other academics and policy experts interested in property rights issues. The PLF website has instructions on how to submit a proposal at their website. Here is the description:

Pacific Legal Foundation seeks papers for a research roundtable on the landmark regulatory takings case, Penn Central Transportation Company v. City of New York, to be held in October 2023. We are calling for scholars and practitioners to imagine how courts might best "make clear when [a taking] occurs." We seek papers that propose alternatives or changes to the Penn Central standard.

Research Proposal Submission Details

Please submit a brief proposal that describes your thesis and how your paper will contribute to the legal discussion regarding how to fix or replace the Penn Central regulatory takings test.Proposals should be submitted by July 1 to Ethan Blevins at Early proposal submission is encouraged, however, as proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and approvals will allow authors to begin work early.

Honorarium and Other Support

Authors of accepted papers will receive a $2,500 honorarium. Authors will benefit from robust feedback on their research at a workshop in October 2023. Papers will be published as working papers on the PLF website, but not exclusive of other publications.

Note: PLF is also my wife's employer. But she does not have any involvement in organizing this symposium or assessing proposals.