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Some "Classified" Podcasts

Have a road trip coming up? Here are some podcasts I did for my book Classified.


As regular readers know, my book Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classifications in America, was published in July. This is my first book since 2015, and the biggest difference in terms of publicizing this book has been the explosion of podcasts and webinars in the interim.

Some VC readers may have road trips or long plane rides coming up, and would be interested in listening to a podcast about it. I've done a lot of podcasts–just looking at the list below makes me tired–and I can't say I really have a favorite. So I'm just going to list the ones I have links to below, and let interested readers decide whether they expect to find one or another host especially interesting.

Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic magazine

The Remnant, Jonah Goldberg

Cato Institute speech hosted by Walter Olson with comments by Bob Cottrol and Jane Coaston

Manhattan Institute, hosted by Ilya Shapiro with comments from Adrienne Davis and Glenn Loury

Reason with Nick Gillespie and Kenny Xu

Unregistered, Thaddeus Russell

Jewish Institute for Liberal Values

Federalist Society with Cory Liu

Heartland Institute with Tim Henson

Speech at Berkeley Law, hosted by Steve Hayward (yes, I defied the boycott of "Zionist" speakers)

James Wilson Institute

Cato Institute's Free Thoughts, with Trevor Burrus 

UnSILOed, with Greg LeBlanc

Charles Cooke

What Happens Next in 6 Minutes with Larry Bernstein 

Richard Hanania

Pioneer Institute with Joe Selvaggi

Live from America from the Comedy Cellar

AIER podcast with Ethan Yang

Top Story with Jonathan Tobin 

First Things with Mark Bauerlein

Essential Liberty with Bob Zadek

Institutionalized with Charles Lehman and Aaron Sibarium

Washington Outsider with Irina Tsukerman