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Harlan Institute-Ashbrook Virtual Supreme Court—Round of 4

The top 4 teams of HS Students presented oral argument in Students for Fair Admission v. UNC.


Forget March Madness! Yesterday, the Harlan Institute and Ashbrook held the Round of 4 for the OT 2022 Virtual Supreme Court competition. The top four teams presented oral arguments in Students for Fair Admission v. UNC. We were honored to have three distinguished jurists preside: Judge Alice Batchelder (CA6), Judge Eric Murphy (CA6), and Judge Ken Lee (CA9). These students could have competed and prevailed in any law school moot court competition. They were remarkable.

Match #1

Team 11696 v. Team 11695

Match #2

Team 11762 v. Team 12823

The top two teams will face off against each other in person on April 24 in Washington, D.C. The championship round will be held at the Georgetown Supreme Court Institute.