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"Plaintiff Alleges He Fronted Howell Drugs in Exchange for a Promise to Pay Plaintiff Within the Week"


From McElrath v. MetaQuest, decided Friday by Magistrate Judge Kaymani West (D.S.C.):

Plaintiff alleges he fronted Howell drugs in exchange for a promise to pay Plaintiff within the week. Plaintiff claims he and Howell agreed that Plaintiff would be allowed to confiscate Howell's enclosed trailer if Howell failed to pay. Plaintiff says Howell failed to pay him, and he confiscated the trailer. Plaintiff states Howell filed charges against him for theft of his trailer, and he was charged with grand larceny and put in jail.

Plaintiff alleges Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and MetaQuest allowed [Howell and other defendants] to post Plaintiff's entire criminal record on the social media website to support slandering statements about Plaintiff. Plaintiff alleges the Howells and Wells also posted false statements about Plaintiff, together with degrading and humiliating comments, with ill intent to ruin Plaintiff's reputation and any dreams he had of becoming a man of political power. Plaintiff also claims the Howells and Wells destroyed his chance of gaining decent employment.

No federal jurisdiction over this case that's brought under state tort law, says the court. (What, you expected a decision on the substance?)