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Summer Fellowships from the Institute for Free Speech and The Fund For American Studies

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I am pleased to pass along opportunities for summer fellowships.

The Institute for Free Speech is inviting applicants for a Free Speech Summer Associate Legal Fellowship:

The 2023 Institute for Free Speech Summer Associate Legal Fellowship is a unique opportunity for current law school students to explore a career in public interest and First Amendment law. The program is open to students who will finish their first or second year of law school by the summer of 2023.

Fellows are expected to work full time for ten weeks in our Washington, D.C. headquarters, but other arrangements may be available to especially outstanding candidates.

Fellows are eligible to earn $10,000 in salary for their ten weeks of employment.

During the fellowship, students will work with Institute for Free Speech attorneys for a portion of their time. Each fellow will also be expected to complete a project. Applicants are encouraged to be creative in suggesting a project as part of their application. While many projects may produce papers suitable for publication, we will consider any project related to protecting or advancing First Amendment rights.

The Fund for American Studies is inviting applicants for the TFAS Summer Law Fellowship:

The TFAS Summer Law Fellowship in Washington, D.C., is an intensive nine-week program that aims to prepare law students to defend the values and ideals of a free society rooted in individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and constitutional originalism.

Through this immersive academic and professional experience, participants will engage in legal internships, academic coursework, networking events and career development sessions, as well as a law and public policy lecture series with leading constitutional scholars, judges and practicing attorneys.

Those selected to participate in the Fellowship program will receive a full scholarship covering tuition, housing and program fees. Awards are highly selective – only 25 students are selected to participate each year.

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