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Video of Amanpour & Co. TV Interview on Uniting for Ukraine and Private Refugee Sponsorship

The interview covers the Uniting for Ukraine program, the expansion of private refugee sponsorship to cover migrants from elsewhere, and various potential objections to these policies.


The video of my recent Amanpour & Co. TV interview on the Uniting for Ukraine private refugee sponsorship program is now available on Youtube. It aired this Monday on CNN International and PBS.

The interviewer and I discuss the program, its recent expansion to include migrants from four Latin American nations, and a variety of possible objections to these policies, including claims they are unfair to migrants from other countries, possible security risks, and others. This was probably my longest-ever appearance on TV, with the exception of those on C-SPAN.

The interview arose from my earlier Washington Post article on the Uniting for Ukraine program, and my participation as a sponsor (non-paywall version available here). I previously wrote about Uniting for Ukraine and private refugee sponsorship here, here, and here. In a recent post, I covered some common questions and misconceptions about these policies, and also explained how interested readers can start the process of becoming sponsors themselves.