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Video of Cato Institute Constitution Day Panel on Recent Supreme Court Cases on "Constitutional Structure"

Participants included VC contributor Jonathan Adler, George Mason University law Prof. Jennifer Mascott, and myself.


C-SPAN recently posted a video of the Cato Institute Constitution Day panel on 2021-22 term Supreme Court cases dealing with issues of "constitutional structure." Participants included fellow Volokh Conspiracy blogger Jonathan Adler (speaking on his Cato Supreme Court Review article about West Virginia v. EPA), my George Mason University colleague Jennifer Mascott (speaking on her article about Egbert v. Boule), and myself (speaking about my article about the OSHA and CMS vaccine mandate cases the Supreme decided in January.

The video is available at the C-SPAN site here.

Cato has posted a video of the entire conference, which also includes the other panels (full list of topics and participants here). I insert it below: