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Announcing "Strangers on the Internet" Podcast

Everything you ever wanted to know about dating apps and the search for love


I am happy to announce the launch of a new project concocted by psychologist Michelle Lange and myself: our podcast "Strangers on the Internet", which gives listeners an academic take on dating apps, love, safety, relationships, and much more. Its official website is here (click the link and then hit the "Follow" button to add the podcast on your preferred platform) and the direct link to its Apple Podcasts home is here.

So far, our episodes cover topics such as how to figure out if you're ready to be on dating apps, how to choose an app and build an effective profile, and how to handle first chats. We hope that this multidisciplinary project will be both informative and enjoyable, and we also invite listeners to join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.