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Edited Version of NYS Rifle & Pistol v. Bruen for Barnett/Blackman 2022 Supplement

I distilled the 132 decision down to about 40 pages. Dobbs is next.


Rest assured, I will have much more to say about the past twenty-four hours, and Red June more broadly. For now, I would like to share an edited version of NYS Rifle & Pistol v. Bruen, which I prepared for the 2022 Barnett/Blackman supplement. I distilled the 132-page decision down to about 40 pages. It is always a tough judgment call of what to include, and what to omit. Given the gravity of this case, I erred on the side of inclusion. In particular, I focused on the historical materials on which the majority and dissent disagreed. For those sources on which there was no back-and-forth, I excerpted. I could probably teach an entire seminar on this decision, coupled with McDonald and Heller. Much more to come.

Now, onto editing the 213-page Dobbs decision.

Update: Maybe it should be Red Flag June. Between Dobbs and Bruen, hundreds of cases now have red flags next to them.