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Critical Race Theory: A Deep Dive

A seven-episode mini series on critical race theory.


It seems like a good day for me to mention that earlier this year I recorded a seven-episode conversation about critical race theory with Berkeley law professor Khiara M. Bridges. My basic goal was to try to learn more about what critical race theory really is and what it entails, from an expert on and practitioner of critical race theory. (Khiara has written Critical Race Theory: A Primer.)

Last year I recorded a similar series on originalism, where I advanced my theory of constitutional interpretation while my colleague Adam Chilton posed a series of skeptical questions. As I mentioned at the time, I wanted to do something similar about critical race theory, which I did not feel I understood. This time, Khiara was the one explaining the theory and I was the one trying to learn about it.

In any event, here are the episodes. (I think my favorites might be 1, 5, and 7.)

1. Critical Race Theory is a Verb (What is critical race theory?)

2. We're Actually in a Haunted House (structural racism)

3. Taking The Easy Way Out (implicit bias)

4. Liberation Isn't a Zero-Sum Game (intersectionality)

5. Life of the Mind (education)

6. Life of the Body (health)

7. Finale