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Pseudonymity in Challenge to Denial of Religious Exemption from Military Vaccine Mandate?


I blogged yesterday about Chief Judge Beryl Howell (D.D.C.) saying "no" to this, but the issue is coming back with the same plaintiff to the District of Maryland (U.S. Army ROTC ECP Cadet Doe v. Biden, No. 1:22-cv-00691-RDB).

Plaintiff's lawyer tells me that he had tried to recall his D.D.C. filing (and filed in D. Md.) before receiving a decision on the pseudonymity question; "in the interim we decided we'd rather take it to the Fourth Circuit on appeal." (The Maryland connection is that plaintiff is a Maryland resident.) It will be interesting to see what Judge Richard Bennett (D. Md.) will decide here; I don't think he is bound by Chief Judge Howell's decision, but he certainly may consider it.