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Ukraine War Music

Bella Ciao / Ukrainian Fury (Furies)


A much less intimate song than the last one I posted, written for the war to the tune of the Italian "Bella Ciao" ("Beautiful, Goodbye"), which served in 1943-45 as an Italian song of resistance against the Nazis. It's sung and apparently written by prominent Ukrainian singer Khrystyna Soloviy in Ukrainian, but with English subtitles (somewhat loosely translated). Note that "Roosnia" ("Русня") appears be a derogatory term for Russians collectively, and Dnipro is the Ukrainian name for what is English usually called the Dnieper, which flows through the center of Ukraine (including Kiev):

And as a bookend, the Italian version with the original Italian words, but with Ukrainian army images, as you will see.

UPDATE: Commenter DonP writes, "Talented, attractive and good trigger discipline. What's not to like."