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My Beta Shepherd Website List of "The Best Books on Migration Rights and Democracy"

I picked three books I largely agree with - and two that I mostly don't.


The Statue of Liberty. (NA)


The Beta Shepherd website—which features authors' recommendations of books on topics related to issues they have written on themselves—just posted my list of the "Best Books on Migration Rights and Democracy." It includes excellent works by Joseph Carens, Bryan Caplan, Alex Nowrasteh and Ben Powell, David Miller, and Sarah Song. The first three are books I mostly agree with, while the latter two are ones I mostly don't. I deliberately chose books that cover a wide range of issues and viewpoints related to the topic.

I was invited to write this piece because of my own recent book on the topic, Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom. All of the books listed above have influenced my own thinking on these issues—even (perhaps especially) in cases where I reject their conclusions.