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Media Appearances, Public Speaking, and Commentary from 2021

A update on my accomplishments in 2021.


2021 was a busy year. It began with January 6 and Trump's second impeachment trial. After that flurry of activity, things slowed down substantially. I am grateful the Biden presidency is nowhere near as hectic as was the Trump presidency. The pandemic continues, and much of my work focuses on the attendant legal issues concerning vaccine mandates.  Plus I have written quite a bit on Dobbs and other issues facing the Court this term for the ages. This year was fairly productive, though I did not finish many of the tasks I had planned to complete.

I wrote twelve law review articles. Five were published in 2021, and the remaining seven will be in print for 2022. Randy and I published the Fourth Edition of our Constitutional Law Casebook, including the rights and structure splits. We are also working on the second edition of 100 Cases, which should be available by the Fall of 2022. I am working on three other book projects that should be published between 2023 and 2025.

2021 was a fairly busy year for the press, with 320 media hits, including 63 TV appearances. This year was my busiest press year since 2018, when I had 391 appearances. But I may never top the first year of Trump presidency, in which I had 464 media appearances.

In 2021, I wrote seven commentaries, most of which were in Newsweek. I am quite pleased with the Volokh Conspiracy as a platform, and I've felt less need to work with outside editors. My blog posts are read by the people who need to read them.

In 2021, I had 49 presentations. Prior to June, all of these events were on Zoom. But starting in the summer, about half of the events were in person. (Remember when the vaccinated people had nothing to worry about!). In 2022, I hope to resume a regular speaking schedule, but COVID keeps throwing us curveballs.

You can see the highlights on my blog, If you find my work valuable, I hope you can support the Harlan Institute. We work hard to teach the next generation about the Supreme Court and the Constitution. Check out our web site to learn more about the Virtual Supreme Court competition.

I've pasted the list after the jump.

12 Law Review Articles

  1. Offices and Officers of the Constitution, Part I: An Introduction, 61 South Texas Law Review __ (2022) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).
  2. Offices and Officers of the Constitution, Part II: The Four Approaches, 61 South Texas Law Review __ (2022) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).
  3. The Irrepressible Myth of Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 70 Buffalo Law Review __ (2022).
  4. California v. Texas on the Final Installment of the Obamacare Trilogy, Chapter in SCOTUS 2021 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022)
  5. The "Essential" Second Amendment, 26 Texas Review of Law & Politics ___ (2022).
  6. The Unresolved Threshold Issues in the Emoluments Clauses Litigation: The President Has Three Bodies and There Is No Cause of Action for Ultra Vires Conduct, 19 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy __ (Forthcoming 2022) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).
  7. Judicial Courage, 27 Texas Review of Law & Politics __ (2022).
  8. Corpus Linguistics and Heller, 59 Wake Forest Law Review 609 (2021) (with James C. Phillips).
  9. Unreviewable: The Final Installment of the "Epic" Obamacare Trilogy, 2021 Cato Supreme Court Review __ (2021).
  10. The "Essential" Free Exercise Clause, 44 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 637 (2021).
  11. Is the President an 'officer of the United States' for Purposes of Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, 15 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 1 (2021) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).
  12. What Happens if the Biden Administration Prosecutes and Convicts Donald Trump of Violating 18 U.S.C. § 2383?, 2021 University of Illinois Law Review Online 190 (2021) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).


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