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The Heritage Foundation Is Hiring A Legal Policy Analyst

Attorneys with 1-3 years of experience should apply for this position in the Meese Center.


My friends at the Heritage Foundation are hiring a Legal Policy Analyst. You can apply here:

Title:                         Legal Policy Analyst

Reports to:             Director, Meese Center

Job Summary:          The Legal Policy Analyst is an intermediate research and writing position. Work on various ongoing Center projects including the Election Fraud Database, the revised Heritage Guide to the Constitution, the Election Integrity Scorecard, the Defensive Gun Use Database, and the Judicial Tracker. Develop expertise in specific areas of legal research, and advance the field through the development of policy recommendations and the routine publication of Heritage papers, commentary, and op-eds. Represent The Heritage Foundation at professional conferences, speaking engagements, potentially in the media and Congressional or other meetings. Demonstrate experience in legal policy analysis and scholarly writing, possess outstanding written and verbal skills, a firm understanding of relevant legal and constitutional issues, and the ability to work with only general supervision.

Job Duties:

  • Oversee priority projects including the revised Heritage Guide to the Constitution, the Election Integrity Scorecard, the Defensive Gun Use Database, and the Judicial Tracker.
  • Conduct scholarly research and policy analysis, and develop a command of assigned issue areas, as well as develop new areas of focus, which expand the Meese Center's footprint.
  • Provide substantive support for the public interest law program, legal conferences (such as the Legal Strategy Forum), the Preserve the Constitution Series, and other Legal Center events and meetings.
  • Engage in: (1) professional research, analysis, and writing Legal Memoranda, Issue Briefs, Op-Eds and blogs for Heritage and, as appropriate, other publications.
  • Represent Heritage in many settings, including public functions, professional conferences, meetings, and, as appropriate, legislative hearings.
  • Develop projects that advance Meese Center objectives.
  • Participate in the public policy/legal community.
  • Coordinate with outside scholars working on the revised Heritage Guide to the Constitution.
  • Supervise other staff regarding simple legal research, cite checking, and other projects as needed or at the direction of the Director.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of the Meese Center.


Education:                   J.D.

Experience:                 Judicial clerkship preferred, 1 to 3 years of legal research and writing experience

Communication:         Outstanding writer and effective public speaker

Technology:                MS Office and Outlook

Other Requirements:

  • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, True North conservative principles, and the department's goals and objectives.
  • High level of professionalism (adaptability, maturity, integrity, accountability).
  • Must be a highly organized person with the ability to maintain careful attention to detail, prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and follow through in a timely manner.
  • Top-quality research, analysis, writing, and publication, with emphasis on accuracy, insightfulness, and timeliness.
  • High initiative level, with some direction, but with a strong desire and demonstrated ability to assume increasing levels of responsibility.
  • Ability to work well with others and provide leadership to junior staff.