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Academic Freedom

The Academic Freedom Podcast #9 with Hiram Chodosh

A conversation with the president of Claremont McKenna College, the school at the top of the free-speech rankings


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In this episode I talk with Hiram Chodosh about the view from a university president's office on the campus free speech situation today. Chodosh is the president of Claremont McKenna College and a former dean at the University of Utah. Claremont McKenna has been the top-ranked school two years running in FIRE's free speech rankings. Claremont must be doing something right, and I wanted to talk with President Chodosh about what that might be. An interesting conversation about what he sees as the challenges confronting universities today when it comes to free speech and academic freedom and how he has tried to steer Claremont in the right direction.

Listen to the whole thing here.