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Free Speech

Journal of Free Speech Law Panel on Regulating Social Media Platforms Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11 am Pacific

It's with Profs. Jack Balkin (Yale), Daphne Keller (Stanford), and Mark Lemley (Stanford), moderated by Jane Bambauer (Arizona).


UCLA's Institute for Technology, Law, and Policy and the University of Arizona's TechLaw Program are hosting a set of virtual public conversations between the Journal of Free Speech Law authors and executive editors. Tomorrow (Wednesday), we will discuss essays by Mark Lemley, Jack Balkin, and Daphne Keller about the unintended consequences and practical limitations of proposals to regulate social media platforms:

Watch at this Zoom link, from 11 am Pacific to noon. You can also watch the previous conversations in the same symposium:

[1.] Chris Yoo, Ash Bhagwat, and me, moderated by Jane Bambauer:

[2.] Eric Goldman and Jess Miers, moderated by Ash Bhagwat.