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Conservative and Libertarian Law Students At Yale Law School Should Transfer Out En Masse

Punish YLS where it hurts: by denying them credit for coveted clerkships.


Yale Law School is a failed academic institution. Dean Heather Gerken should have resigned, Associate Dean Ellen Cosgrove should be on administrative leave, and Diversity Director Yaseen Eldik should be unemployed. Alas, Gerken is clinging to the remaining months of her tenure, and she gently chastised Cosgrove and Edik for not striking the "appropriate balance." And Gerken issued a not-too-veiled threat to revise the "norms surrounding secretly recorded conversations and the sharing of private correspondence without permission." In other words, "We would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling FedSoc kids." (I hope Scooby Doo is not triggering).

At this point, there is only one way to make YLS suffer: deny it the prestige it so desperately seeks. Specifically, conservative and libertarian 1Ls and 2Ls should transfer out en masse to ensure that other schools can take credit for their appellate and SCOTUS clerkships. Good luck placing clerks with only three of the nine Justices and half the federal judiciary. As a plus, students who transfer out may actually learn something about the law–a useful skill for any clerkship.

I had the honor of meeting many of the embattled YLS students at the Federalist Society Convention. They are under siege on a daily basis. They should shrug, and get out of Dodge. I'm sure Dean Cole at Notre Dame would welcome the entire YLS FedSoc chapter. Justice Thomas could even drive his RV on a refugee mission from New Haven to South Bend.