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The Political Valence of Law Firm Political Contributions

The vast majority of law firm contributions to political candidates go to one party.


Over at Excess of Democracy, Derek Muller has a post examining the political contributions of employees (lawyers and staff) at the top 140 law firms in the United States. Interestingly enough, he finds that donations at the vast majority of these firms tilt decidedly toward the Democratic Party.

From his post:

All told, I captured about $61 million in contributions to Democratic-affiliated groups compared to about $11 million for Republican-affiliated groups in 2017-2020, nearly a 6-to-1 ratio. . . .

Many firms had fewer than 10% of contributions go to major Republican outlets. A handful had at least 25%, and just three crossed 50%. Even among those the figures are deceptive. At White & Case, for instance, there was a single $500,000 contribution to the Trump Victory Fund, more than half of all Republican contributions in this four-year time period.