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Submit Your Articles to the Journal of Free Speech Law Now,

instead of waiting for February when many of the student-edited law reviews reopen -- and you can have the article published by February, instead of a year later.


If you have good articles on free speech law, pass them along to us. Our first issue was just posted on Westlaw (it took two months to do this, because it was the first issue, but they tell us that future articles will be posted much more quickly); it contains articles by top scholars such as Jack Balkin (Yale), Mark Lemley (Stanford), and Christopher Yoo (Penn), and many more. We're about to publish an article in several weeks critiquing New York Times v. Sullivan, and we expect to be getting two more articles from prominent free speech scholars in the next couple of months as well.

And, as the subtitle notes, we publish fast. If you submit it to us now, you'll get an answer within two weeks (we have consistently kept this promise), and then we can have it online within four weeks of that, if you'd like, or perhaps even faster.

Please submit to us at ScholasticaHQ; exclusive submissions only, please. For more on the journal, see