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Campus Free Speech

Free Speech Talks in October


In coming weeks, I'll be appearing on several campuses, either virtually or in person, to talk about free speech and academic freedom issues. On October 16, I'll be speaking at Princeton University. On October 18, I'll be speaking at Abraham Baldwin College. On October 21, I'll be at the University of Oklahoma. On October 25, I'll be at the University of San Diego Law School. Looking ahead to November, I'll be speaking at Davidson College and the University of Houston Law School.

If you find yourself on one of those campuses, I hope you'll come out. And I hope you bring questions. I'm sure my prepared remarks will be scintillating, but the conversations afterwards with members of the audience are particularly valuable. Let's think through what is on your mind about these issues.

If you'd like me to speak at your campus, especially about free speech and academic freedom issues, drop me an email.